Sunday, August 21, 2011

#18 Pedro - heart made doll from Mamima collection

We are pleased to HUG you with the #18 doll from Mamima handmade collection.
Each doll from Mamima handmade collection is created individually and made with the finest materials; the fabrics are chosen with care and sewed with love.
This is the Pedro Mamima pattern with approximately 26cm L x 7cm W, just the right size to carry around wherever you go.
The body is made on fabric and poly filled.
The hair is stitched to his head.
The eyes, the mouth and the nose are embroidered so no loose buttons or anything to chew on.
Hand wash ONLY.
Is resistant to kids care and makes a great gift for any children.
The Mamima dolls will bring you a huuuuuuuuge HUG and a happy smile.

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