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Roma Avenue - The Lisbon Crafter Tour, the perfect tour for bargain hunters and creative crafters. by Mamima (

We like sewing, walking and explore our city, go to places, meet new people and find new things. Share and enjoy.
If you are a newbie or an expert sewer, a crafter lover or if you like to relax and relieve stress shopping around on fabric and notions stores, you will love Lisbon and this tour!

In this post we guide you through Roma Avenue exploring one of top avenues in Lisbon, near city centre, a residential and commercial area. Roma Avenue is one of the main streets of Alvalade district and also an open book of the XX century history of architecture and urbanism. Along this avenue you can find buildings signed by some of the best architects of the time as Cassiano Branco, Joaquim Bento de Almeida, José de Lima Franco, Licínio Cruz, Formosinho Sanches, Filipe Figueiredo and José Segurado.
Start at Roma Metro station, the exit near Estados Unidos da América Avenue. Here you can take the breakfast in one of the two best pastelarias in this area the VáVá or the Luanda.
On the corner of Roma Avenue and Estados Unidos da América Avenue you will find (1).
Walk on the right side of the avenue (to South, in direction to Praça de Londres) and enjoy one of city fashion districts. 
Go forward and feel the aroma that comes from Cafélia, a shop that offers not only a great variety but also a good selection of coffees and teas.
On your way to the next stop you meet the famous Lisbon florist Romeira Roma (on the left side) and the fruit shop Frutalmeidas (on the right side) were you can taste the fabulous pastel de massa tenra or the tarte de maçã (apple pie). You also meet the Tim Tim Café 
Turn to the left, after the bridge, to João de Deus Avenue and then turn right and take Madrid Avenue. Here you see (2) and a little bit forward (3) on the left side of the street in a residential building yard.
Back to Roma Avenue, through the narrow Edison Street under the buildings, you can find the atelier (4) on the right. 
Following by the Óscar Monteiro Torres Avenue you will find (5) and if you turn right at Oliveira Martins Street you meet (6).
Back to Roma Avenue, through the buildings passage located a little bit further in the Oliveira Martins street, you find in the corner (7) the fabric shop Ouro Têxteis. On the opposite side of the street in the square of the municipals swimming pool you can find a little garden hidden by the buildings and (8).
Two historic Lisbon book shops Bertrand and Barata, located in the Roma Avenue, requires a stop. In Barata you can take a coffee and look through the Portuguese literature, news or a good selection of the actual magazines.
Next you find (9). If you want to finish your walk with a visit to Culturgest and Biblioteca Municipal Palácio Galveias you have to turn left at João XXI Avenue. Otherwise you can go until the end of Roma Avenue and visit another famous pastelaria Mexicana were you can see the ceramic panels from Mestre Querubim Lapa. Then go through shopping area of Guerra Junqueiro Avenue to the Alameda Metro station.

(1) Chiado’s Artplace -  Av. EUA Nº100 A
Open from 10h00 AM to 7h00 PM. Close for lunch from 1h00 PM to 2h00 PM.
Fine art materials and Redesign.
(2) Sociedade Decorações JJ Dionisio, Lda - Av. Madrid Nº 32 C
Open from 9h00 AM to 8h00 PM. Close for lunch from 1h00 PM to 3h00 PM.
Gallons, decor accessories, fabric and Atelier.
(3) Varela Belas Artes  - Av. Madrid Nº 28 B
Open from 10h00 AM to 7h00 PM. Close for lunch from 1h00 PM to 3h00 PM.
Saturday from 10h00 AM to 1h00 PM.
Fine art materials.
(4) Blanche - Rua Edison Nº8 C
Open from 10h00 AM to 7h00 PM.
An atelier with handmade fabric accessories, bags, toys and baby clothe.
(5) Retrosaria Roma - Av. Óscar Monteiro Torres Nº61C
Open from 9h00 AM to 7h00 PM. Close for lunch from 1h00 PM to 3h00 PM.
It is very expensive store but it has a good selection of cotton yarn, notions with several knitting tools and accessories.
(6) Rua Oliveira Martins Nº41B
Open from 9h30 AM to 7h00 PM.
A small and old shop full of wool and cotton yarn.
(7) Ouro Têxteis - Av. Roma Nº27D.
Open from 9h00 AM to 7h00 PM. Close for lunch from 2h00 PM to 3h00 PM.
A good selection of fabrics.
(8) Avenida7- Retrosaria e tecidos de alta costura - Av. Roma Nº16.
Haute couture fabric and notions. Visit the sales section.
(9) Tricots Brancal - Av. Roma Nº 10A
Open from 9h30 AM to 7h00 PM. Close for lunch from 1h00 PM to 3h00 PM.
An old shop for the knitting lovers with good a selection of wool and cotton yarn.

We hope you have enjoyed this tour... 

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